Picture Crush

Harlequin CoupleI have a crush on this picture.

It’s like being in a museum and standing in front of a work of art.  Now I understand why people can go and stare at a painting, study it, and have to discuss it with others.  Some get it, and some don’t.  I was in the latter category.  I probably always will be.  I’m just not that into museums.  But photos like this just take my breath away.

The couple are so beautiful in this photo.  The bride looks absolutely perfect, as she should on her wedding day.  He has her in a dip and her veil and gown just flow into place.  And the groom!  How can you not drool over a man in uniform?  He just looks so masculine and handsome.

Questions begin running through my head.  Is this the romance for the ages?  Will he be going off to war?  What will happen to them?  I want to believe that they are what I like to call a ‘Harlequin’ couple.

I’m a romantic and I love to read.  My favorite books being Harlequin Romance Novels.  I’ve been reading them ever since I was 12.  Blame my mother who used to buy them for me.  : )  They help me relax and allow me to live in my fantasy world of romance.

Anyway, the books are usually about the journey that a couple undergoes in finding their one true love.  During this process, when they first meet, it’s either love or hate at first sight, then there is a major conflict that comes into play, then finally, how everything is resolved and they declare their love and live happily ever after.  In all of this, the Harlequin couple is born.  To me they have ‘paid their dues’ so to speak, in order to have a love such as this.  They were meant to be.  They are a ‘Harlequin’ couple.

So when I look at this photo, that’s what I see.  Whatever the story is behind it, I’m not sure I want to know.  It may burst my romantic bubble.  I want to believe that they are on that love pedestal I have placed them on.  I do know that it makes me happy, and has affected me.

Gazing at this picture inspires me to write.  I guess that’s what all great art does…it takes a hold of you and inspires.

Kisses 4 ever,





P.S.  If anyone knows who took this pic, I would love to give them credit.


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