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MAC Ruby Woo
Came across an article yesterday on Yahoo! Beauty, MAC  Ruby Woo is the Best Selling Lipstick, which said that according to the NPD Group (Consumer Market Research) that Ruby Woo was the bestselling shade of 2013.  My favorite, Russian Red came in second.  I love matte lipstick because it looks very ‘old school’ when you have it on.  Matte lipsticks don’t overpower, even when it’s a Red.  It’s not like those glossy, shiny, wet lipsticks that when people see you wearing it, makes them not to want to kiss you.  It more or less frightens them away, or at least that’s what guys have told me.  I think only the ladies of Porn can get away with wet shiny looking lipstick.

Reading the comments, some said that the Ruby Woo leaves your lips a bit dry. Being a matte lipstick I can understand that, and they suggested wearing a lip balm underneath.  I so agree!!!  Wearing Candy Kisses Lip Balm underneath would solve that little problem!  With the Vitamin E and Aloe your lips will be soft and luscious. Even with lipsticks that gives you the appearance of being moist, the lipstick can sometimes cake up and actually make them look dry and chapped.  I believe this is equal parts of what the actual ingredients are and the condition of your lips to begin with.

Again, using Candy Kisses Lip Balm consistently will help treat your lips and keep them healthy looking with or without lipstick.


As soon as I was about to post this, I thought to myself…self, you had better check the MAC website to be sure that they don’t test on animals, since Candy Kisses is very adamant about not testing on animals.  What I found out was very disappointing.  Although MAC and other major cosmetic companies don’t test here in the United States, with their push to get their products into China, China has demanded that they do test on animals.  China, a violator themselves in exporting harmful products to the US and other countries have the nerve to make this a requirement when importing products to them.  Go figure.

Testing on animals is a disgusting practice that should be stopped.  Because of technology today, there are other ways to test.  But that is MY opinion.  I just want you to have all the facts.  You have the right to make your own decisions.  Whatever that is, we at Candy Kisses will still love you!

Love and Candy Kisses!


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