Hello from CandyK

Hello Everyone!

I’m CandyK and thanks for coming to my site – CandyKisses.com.  I sell everyone’s favorite lip balm, Candy Kisses.  They’re yummy and taste exactly what the name on the tin says.  We have 5 flavors – Bubble Gum, Cherry Vanilla, Mint Chocolate, Marvelous Mango, and Watermelon.  Everyone can use these – women, men, teens.  I have to warn the guys though, the Cherry Vanilla has a very light tint to it, but this just makes your lips even more kissable.  So don’t worry guys!

CandyKisses is all natural and has NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS.  Candy Kisses has Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and a sunscreen to help protect and moisturize your lips in any type of weather.  And why bother with breath mints on a date?  Carry a Candy Kiss in your purse or pocket, and dab some on when needed.  Your breath will be enticing and you will taste delicious!

I’ll also be posting about everything and anything having to do with kissing.  There are so many types of kissing that we should explore them all!  I’ll also talk about Candy.  Chocolate to be specific.  Yes, CandyK is a chocoholic and proud of it.

So I hope you visit my site regularly, and maybe you’ll be tempted to buy a CandyKiss.

Kisses 4 Ever!




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