Heat and Ice

Okay, so CandyK loves to read.  Especially romantic stories.  And with the Stanley Cup Playoffs currently going on, I wanted to share a few of my favorite hockey themed books with you.  No they are not how to books on how to play hockey.  They are books on what happens off the ice.   But you do learn some hockey terminology along the way.  After reading these, I have definitely become a fan of the sport.

Now I’m sure there are many other authors/books out there with a hockey romance theme, so please let me know in the comment section.  These are just a few that I’ve come across, which I love.


The Assassins Series  by Toni Aleo
(Five great books in this collection, or each can be purchased separately)
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I wish this team existed in real life.  The stories are well connected and move well.   The characters and dialogue are realistic, and by the end of the series, they feel like family.  Oh, plus there is lots of hot, erotic sex.  Lots and lots of it.  Yea!

  • Taking Shots
  • Trying to Score
  • Empty Net
  • Falling for the Backup
  • Blue Lines



The Cold Fury Hockey Series  by Sawyer Bennett

(Two books in this amazing series, and I’m waiting on the third book which you can pre-order)
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The two I have read are emotionally driven, real, and inspirational.   You come away feeling deeply for the characters.  Oh, and there’s lots of sex.  The kind that melts the ice.  Weeee!

  • Alex
  • Garrett
  • Zack (pre-order)



Body Check  by Elle Kennedy  ( Blaze Harlequin)
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This book was blazing hot.  Great storyline with lots of subplots.  Very erotic and romantic.



Face Off by Nancy Warren  (Blaze Harlequin)
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Three short stories in this collection.  Funny, sweet, romantic.  And the sex is red hot!


I’m not one to go into detail regarding why the characters did this or that, or to give a synopsis like other bloggers where they practically give the story away.  Gag!   These are just a few stories that stand out, and that I hope you get to read. They are about romance, love, and let’s not forget – hockey! Kudos to the authors for creating memorable stories and characters.  Thank you!  But I do have one question… where are men like these?  (sigh)  Oh yeah!  They’re playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs right now.  Time to go watch the game…


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