Desert Dog Lips

Los AngelesLiving in California, we pretty much get perfect year round weather.  So when you go out of state, sometimes you aren’t prepared for the sudden change.

Las Vegas


This happened to me just a few days ago, when we decided to go to Las Vegas. Although we had been having weather in the high 90’s to 100+, we found ourselves staying indoors with the AC on 24/7.  But with October nearing and being such a busy month for business, we chose to get away for a couple of days.


Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire – White Domes Trail


Hiking is one of our favorite things to do, so we made a plan to go to the Valley of the Fire National Park, which is around 50 miles outside of Vegas.  Of course the day we chose happened to be the hottest day of the week in Vegas.  We love hiking in the desert, so this didn’t bother us.  My favorite thing is climbing on rocks.  Up and down I go.  Sometimes forgetting in my enthusiasm that you have to conserve energy to make your way back.  Sorry, this sounds like I’m leading up to a huge rescue mission or something. I’m not.  The only thing needed rescuing were my lips.

Dog Lips

Anyway, the last hike I did, I was so out of breath.  I was huffing and puffing trying to climb back up the sand and stairs, that my lips become very dry.  It’s the kind of dryness that no matter how much water you drink and lick your lips, the dryness is not going away.  My lips were horribly chapped, and I NEVER get chapped lips.  sigh  At that point I thought why, oh why, didn’t I protect my lips by using my own Candy Kisses Lip Balm product?  I was in such a hurry when we left that I forgot.  No excuses though, right?  As I tell all of my customers, you should always carry one with you.  I didn’t follow my own advice.  Blerg.

Bubble GumWe came home the next day thank goodness.  I was getting a little tired of looking like a dog licking my lips.  As soon as we got home, I immediately put some Candy Kisses Lip Balm on my lips.  I chose Bubble Gum because it always smells so good and yummy.  The relief was immediate.  I applied it two more times throughout the evening.  By the next day, my lips were back to normal!  They even felt smoother.

This whole experience has taught me that I need to back up my own product, because it backs me up.  Candy Kisses Lip Balms do as they say, even when the damage has already been done.  They not only protect your lips, but repair dry chapped lips.  It’s great knowing that our product really does work!

Candy Kisses 4 ever!

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