Candy Kisses – New & Improved!


Hello Everyone!

I’m so very excited to finally have the ‘new’ site up and running.  Not that the old site wasn’t nice, but I hope to do so much more with this one.  I’m a romantic, and since the site is called Candy, I figured while talking about keeping our lips protected from the harsh elements, why not also talk about why we want our lips to be smooth and kissable?  It’s all about ‘kissing’ that special someone.

Kissing has been around some believe for close to 5 thousand years.  Many prominent people and scholars have studied this expression of affection.  Well, good for them.  It sounds like cool research.  Can you imagine the questions they must have asked their guinea pigs?

Of course there are all types of kissing.  But romantic kissing, you and I know, is up there with breathing.  It makes you feel special and good about yourself, because someone is adoring you for that moment in time.  It’s a sweet feeling.  It lays the ground work for what is to come.


I still remember my first kiss.  I must have been seven or eight.   My friend and I were practicing with two boys who were our age, while we were in daycare!  I recall that he had light brown hair, and kissed very well.  I also remember him being very complimentary after the kiss!  As I look back now that first kiss pretty much set the bar for future lip locks.  I’m just glad he was good at it!


Kisses now are like a fine wine.  They are to be savored.  They need to be full bodied and full of flavor.  After many ‘tastings’, I realize that I don’t have to obsess for looking beyond the kiss, but to just enjoy the art of kissing in itself. Life is passing by so fast these days, so stop and give someone a kiss.  Let them know that for that moment, they are important to you.

I wish you many Candy Kisses in your future.  The human physical kind, and the Candy Kisses lip balm kind.  : )

Do you remember your first kiss?  

Kisses 4 Ever,


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