Heat and Ice

Okay, so CandyK loves to read.  Especially romantic stories.  And with the Stanley Cup Playoffs currently going on, I wanted to share a few of my favorite hockey themed books with you.  No they are not how to books on how to play hockey.  They are books on what happens off the ice.   But you do learn some hockey terminology along the way.  After reading these, I have definitely become a fan of the sport.

Now I’m sure there are many other authors/books out there with a hockey romance theme, so please let me know in the comment section.  These are just a few that I’ve come across, which I love.


The Assassins Series  by Toni Aleo
(Five great books in this collection, or each can be purchased separately)
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I wish this team existed in real life.  The stories are well connected and move well.   The characters and dialogue are realistic, and by the end of the series, they feel like family.  Oh, plus there is lots of hot, erotic sex.  Lots and lots of it.  Yea!

  • Taking Shots
  • Trying to Score
  • Empty Net
  • Falling for the Backup
  • Blue Lines



The Cold Fury Hockey Series  by Sawyer Bennett

(Two books in this amazing series, and I’m waiting on the third book which you can pre-order)
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The two I have read are emotionally driven, real, and inspirational.   You come away feeling deeply for the characters.  Oh, and there’s lots of sex.  The kind that melts the ice.  Weeee!

  • Alex
  • Garrett
  • Zack (pre-order)



Body Check  by Elle Kennedy  ( Blaze Harlequin)
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This book was blazing hot.  Great storyline with lots of subplots.  Very erotic and romantic.



Face Off by Nancy Warren  (Blaze Harlequin)
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Three short stories in this collection.  Funny, sweet, romantic.  And the sex is red hot!


I’m not one to go into detail regarding why the characters did this or that, or to give a synopsis like other bloggers where they practically give the story away.  Gag!   These are just a few stories that stand out, and that I hope you get to read. They are about romance, love, and let’s not forget – hockey! Kudos to the authors for creating memorable stories and characters.  Thank you!  But I do have one question… where are men like these?  (sigh)  Oh yeah!  They’re playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs right now.  Time to go watch the game…


Desert Dog Lips

Los AngelesLiving in California, we pretty much get perfect year round weather.  So when you go out of state, sometimes you aren’t prepared for the sudden change.

Las Vegas


This happened to me just a few days ago, when we decided to go to Las Vegas. Although we had been having weather in the high 90’s to 100+, we found ourselves staying indoors with the AC on 24/7.  But with October nearing and being such a busy month for business, we chose to get away for a couple of days.


Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire – White Domes Trail


Hiking is one of our favorite things to do, so we made a plan to go to the Valley of the Fire National Park, which is around 50 miles outside of Vegas.  Of course the day we chose happened to be the hottest day of the week in Vegas.  We love hiking in the desert, so this didn’t bother us.  My favorite thing is climbing on rocks.  Up and down I go.  Sometimes forgetting in my enthusiasm that you have to conserve energy to make your way back.  Sorry, this sounds like I’m leading up to a huge rescue mission or something. I’m not.  The only thing needed rescuing were my lips.

Dog Lips

Anyway, the last hike I did, I was so out of breath.  I was huffing and puffing trying to climb back up the sand and stairs, that my lips become very dry.  It’s the kind of dryness that no matter how much water you drink and lick your lips, the dryness is not going away.  My lips were horribly chapped, and I NEVER get chapped lips.  sigh  At that point I thought why, oh why, didn’t I protect my lips by using my own Candy Kisses Lip Balm product?  I was in such a hurry when we left that I forgot.  No excuses though, right?  As I tell all of my customers, you should always carry one with you.  I didn’t follow my own advice.  Blerg.

Bubble GumWe came home the next day thank goodness.  I was getting a little tired of looking like a dog licking my lips.  As soon as we got home, I immediately put some Candy Kisses Lip Balm on my lips.  I chose Bubble Gum because it always smells so good and yummy.  The relief was immediate.  I applied it two more times throughout the evening.  By the next day, my lips were back to normal!  They even felt smoother.

This whole experience has taught me that I need to back up my own product, because it backs me up.  Candy Kisses Lip Balms do as they say, even when the damage has already been done.  They not only protect your lips, but repair dry chapped lips.  It’s great knowing that our product really does work!

Candy Kisses 4 ever!

Ten Passionate Movie Kisses

From Here to Eternity


Kisses can be sweet like candy, or so passionate that your body goes up in flames.  Those are truly amazing and when you see this type of kiss on film, and can almost feel that it’s you in that fiery embrace, then you know that it is one spectacular passionate movie kiss.

Sigh…I love this type of film.  Take me out of my reality and let me dwell in a world of fantasy where I’m the star, and my lover stares deep into my eyes, and presses his hard 6 pack abs against me (he also has that V thing at his hips happening), and  kisses me as if he would die without it.  Sigh…

Ok, let’s shake that off and return to real time.  Below are scenes from some films that are my faves when it comes to either being outright a romance film, or a film that creates such anticipation for that kiss, that when it happens, all is right with the world of love and romance.

Looking at the list, I see that some of the kisses I chose encompassed a wide spectrum of films.  But these kisses just happen to standout, and this is what they represent to me.

The Thin Man


The Thin Man – Nick & Nora
This classic couple were fun loving and were each other’s best friend.  Their kiss represents the affection that they held for one another.  They not only loved, but laughed together.



The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby – Daisy & Jay
Many didn’t like the film for it’s supposed ‘sappiness’.  Whatever!  Don’t know what they are talking about.  The film was the perfect accompaniment to the book.  It’s a tale of lost love.  We breathlessly awaited their reunion and their first kiss after years of being apart.



Love Story


Love Story – Oliver & Jenny
A story that had everyone crying about young love ending too soon.  For the short time they had together, they loved well.




West Side Story
West Side Story – Tony & Maria

My favorite musical!  A modern day Romeo & Juliet with singing and dancing.  Love at first sight let to this kiss.  Yes, we normally have lust at first sight, but love?  That’s a lovely dream.




Titanic – Jack & Rose

There is a Heaven, and they are together for eternity.  (Side Note – I wore this exact same dress for my wedding).  Please don’t gag.




Ghost – Sam & Molly
OMG!  This film had me crying like a baby.  And this ‘goodbye kiss’, totally put me over the edge.  So beautiful and sad.




Dracula – Mina & Dracula
I told you my list was kind of out there.  Their passion just explodes in this kiss.  I mean he is a vampire and the entire seduction throughout is blazing hot.




Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back – Leia & Han
Their chemistry just sizzled.  Their fighting and arguing just made us want them to get together even more.  And when they did…wow!  How could you not want to love a bad boy?




Twilight – Bella & Edward
The best of the series.  Young love, well at least on her part, with him being a bit older.  Again vampires just have it going with the passion.  The foreplay before the kiss made the waiting worth it.




Eastern Promises
Eastern Promises – Nikolai & Anna
Throughout this violent film, the protectiveness that Nikolai showed toward Anna, again has the bad boy showing just a tad of this gentle side.  And this bittersweet kiss is more about the sharing of two souls, knowing that there can’t be anything more beyond that.


So there’s my list.  These passionate kisses are only a few that are worth mentioning, but I feel these kisses from these films show us what we should expect in our own lives.  A passionate kiss is so much more than the ‘act’ of kissing.  There has to be underlying meaning.  Emotion has to be brought to the forefront in order to experience the true meaning of a passionate kiss.  Here’s hoping that all of you have many passionate Candy Kisses.

Love & Candy Kisses,


MAC Red Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo
Came across an article yesterday on Yahoo! Beauty, MAC  Ruby Woo is the Best Selling Lipstick, which said that according to the NPD Group (Consumer Market Research) that Ruby Woo was the bestselling shade of 2013.  My favorite, Russian Red came in second.  I love matte lipstick because it looks very ‘old school’ when you have it on.  Matte lipsticks don’t overpower, even when it’s a Red.  It’s not like those glossy, shiny, wet lipsticks that when people see you wearing it, makes them not to want to kiss you.  It more or less frightens them away, or at least that’s what guys have told me.  I think only the ladies of Porn can get away with wet shiny looking lipstick.

Reading the comments, some said that the Ruby Woo leaves your lips a bit dry. Being a matte lipstick I can understand that, and they suggested wearing a lip balm underneath.  I so agree!!!  Wearing Candy Kisses Lip Balm underneath would solve that little problem!  With the Vitamin E and Aloe your lips will be soft and luscious. Even with lipsticks that gives you the appearance of being moist, the lipstick can sometimes cake up and actually make them look dry and chapped.  I believe this is equal parts of what the actual ingredients are and the condition of your lips to begin with.

Again, using Candy Kisses Lip Balm consistently will help treat your lips and keep them healthy looking with or without lipstick.


As soon as I was about to post this, I thought to myself…self, you had better check the MAC website to be sure that they don’t test on animals, since Candy Kisses is very adamant about not testing on animals.  What I found out was very disappointing.  Although MAC and other major cosmetic companies don’t test here in the United States, with their push to get their products into China, China has demanded that they do test on animals.  China, a violator themselves in exporting harmful products to the US and other countries have the nerve to make this a requirement when importing products to them.  Go figure.

Testing on animals is a disgusting practice that should be stopped.  Because of technology today, there are other ways to test.  But that is MY opinion.  I just want you to have all the facts.  You have the right to make your own decisions.  Whatever that is, we at Candy Kisses will still love you!

Love and Candy Kisses!


Picture Crush

Harlequin CoupleI have a crush on this picture.

It’s like being in a museum and standing in front of a work of art.  Now I understand why people can go and stare at a painting, study it, and have to discuss it with others.  Some get it, and some don’t.  I was in the latter category.  I probably always will be.  I’m just not that into museums.  But photos like this just take my breath away.

The couple are so beautiful in this photo.  The bride looks absolutely perfect, as she should on her wedding day.  He has her in a dip and her veil and gown just flow into place.  And the groom!  How can you not drool over a man in uniform?  He just looks so masculine and handsome.

Questions begin running through my head.  Is this the romance for the ages?  Will he be going off to war?  What will happen to them?  I want to believe that they are what I like to call a ‘Harlequin’ couple.

I’m a romantic and I love to read.  My favorite books being Harlequin Romance Novels.  I’ve been reading them ever since I was 12.  Blame my mother who used to buy them for me.  : )  They help me relax and allow me to live in my fantasy world of romance.

Anyway, the books are usually about the journey that a couple undergoes in finding their one true love.  During this process, when they first meet, it’s either love or hate at first sight, then there is a major conflict that comes into play, then finally, how everything is resolved and they declare their love and live happily ever after.  In all of this, the Harlequin couple is born.  To me they have ‘paid their dues’ so to speak, in order to have a love such as this.  They were meant to be.  They are a ‘Harlequin’ couple.

So when I look at this photo, that’s what I see.  Whatever the story is behind it, I’m not sure I want to know.  It may burst my romantic bubble.  I want to believe that they are on that love pedestal I have placed them on.  I do know that it makes me happy, and has affected me.

Gazing at this picture inspires me to write.  I guess that’s what all great art does…it takes a hold of you and inspires.

Kisses 4 ever,





P.S.  If anyone knows who took this pic, I would love to give them credit.